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Need space and equipment to do your own training? We now offer late-night open gym hours by drop-in or monthly membership.
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We provide remote programming for gyms, clubs, and teams.
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We offer two types of membership: classes and custom coaching.
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(Want to host a clinic/seminar at your gym? Contact us.) 

January 25-26 
American Recordmakers/LA Fit Expo (Los Angeles, CA)

February 15
Meet hosted by E2OlyFit (San Marcos, CA)

February 17
President's Day (limited gym hours)

March 8
Meet hosted by Chikara Sports (Whittier, CA)

March 22-23
USAW Level 1 Certification Course (Waxman's Gym)
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March 29
Meet - Waxman's Gym Spartakiade (Waxman's Gym)
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April 6
Legendary Competitor Weightlifting Meet (Location TBD)

April 13
Women's Only Weightlifting Seminar (Waxman's Gym)
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Competition Team Open Tryouts
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May 3
Members-Only meet (Waxman's Gym)

May 17-18
Meet hosted by Team CrossFit Academy (Monrovia)

May 23-25
CrossFit So Cal Regionals (Del Mar)

May 26
Memorial day (limited gym hours)

June 7-8

USAW Level 1 Certification Course (Waxman's Gym)
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June 14
Masters of Sport: Slivenko, Polovnikov, Durnev
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June 16-18
Training Camp: Secrets of Russian Champions
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June 28
Weightlifting Clinic for Autism Speaks
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July 4
Independence Day (limited gym hours)

July 17-20
USAW National Championships (Salt Lake City, UT)

August 17
Women's-Only Seminar
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September 1
Labor Day (limited gym hours)

September 13-14
USAW Level 1 Certification Course (Waxman's Gym)
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September 27
Members-Only meet (Waxman's Gym)

October 13
Columbus Day (limited gym hours)

October 19
Women's-Only Seminar
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November 1
Meet (Waxman's Gym)

November 2
2nd Annual Affiliate Weightlifting Invitational (Waxman's Gym)

November 10
Veterans Day (limited gym hours)

November 27-29 
Thanksgiving (closed)

We are a private gym specializing in:
  • Teaching beginners how to lift properly
  • Fixing inefficient lifting technique
  • Developing competitive weightlifters and crossfitters
  • Helping coaches learn how to teach Olympic lifts
  • Getting people strong
Our gym is different from any other in Southern California. We provide world-class coaching in an old-school environment featuring Olympic weightlifting and barbell training.

We get you moving through proper ranges of motion and help you develop efficient lifting technique. Then we get you strong as hell!

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Inside our Weightlifting BASICS Course

For more than a year, we have been running a weightlifting BASICS course at our gym in Los Angeles. The course is designed to teach the snatch and clean & jerk to those who are new to the Olympic lifts. The course also works well for those with some snatch and clean & jerk experience who wish to revisit the fundamentals under the eyes of a professional coach. We are providing the following information... Read more...

Collaboration with Nikita Durnev

           We're thrilled to announce we will be collaborating on several projects with standout weightlifter and coach, Nikita Durnev. The goal of our collaboration is to improve the quality of weightlifting and weightlifting information in the US. Nikita teaches and coaches lifters of all skill levels as head coach of HomeBase Barbell in Canton, MA. He is one of the best technique... Read more...

Weightlifting TECHNIQUE Class, Wed. July 16

In tonight's weightlifting TECHNIQUE class (6:30 pm), we work on how to generate better power in the explosion phase of the clean. Maximal power generation in the explosion phase requires heavy emphasis on your legs as the prime vertical force producer. Properly executed, efficient explosion helps give you enough height on the bar to get under it, esp. as the weight gets heavier. It also helps develop... Read more...

Weightlifting TECHNIQUE Class, Wed. July 9

In tonight's weightlifting TECHNIQUE class (6:30 pm), we return to working on the clean. We'll be working with a series of drills to help you find the starting position best suited for your body. Then we'll work on breaking the bar from the floor using the powerful muscles of your legs (rather than leading with the arms or back). When done properly, this ensures (among other things) that the hips and shoulders... Read more...

Weightlifting TECHNIQUE Class, Week of June 9

In this week's weightlifting TECHNIQUE class (tonight 6:30 pm, note: Saturday's class is cancelled for a special event) we return to the jerk. We'll be working with a series of drills to help with proper mechanics of the dip and the drive.   A proper dip and drive helps you raise the height of the bar relying primarily on your legs. Performed properly it will help you avoid one of the most common... Read more...

Weightlifting TECHNIQUE class, Week of June 2

In this week's weightlifting TECHNIQUE classes (tonight 6:30 pm, Saturday 9:00 am), we work on helping you change directions quickly and pull yourself under the bar in the snatch. Doing this effectively requires a combination of full extension (to achieve the greatest stretch reflex at the hip - for many this is counter-intuitive), fast hips and feet, and aggressive arm action.If you're stuck trying to... Read more...

Weightlifting TRAINING class: Week 5 of 6

In this week's weekday TRAINING classes, we back-off the volume and intensity slightly to focus on improving the arm action of the snatch and the footwork of the jerk. The overall volume this week includes a total of 180 lifts with an average intensity of 67%. Next week is the final week of the current six-week progression where we'll test 1-RMs in the back squat and jerk. If you want to come train with us in class... Read more...

Weightlifting learning opportunities this Summer

A brief update on coming events/opportunities that will help you improve your weightlifting skills and knowledge:  June 14: We are hosting elite Russian lifters and coaches for a hands-on weightlifting technique seminar open to lifters of all skill levels. Come learn better technique from some of the best weightlifters in the world including former world record holder Oxana... Read more...