Waxman's Weightlifting Regional Team

The Waxman's Regional Team is for intermediate-level Weightlifters who want to become more consistent and confident on the platform.
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You will improve your skill and strength each week until you are handling weights you never thought possible.

Sean Waxman designs all the training programs, and he or his coaches will answer your questions, provide technical feedback on your videos and guide you through your Weightlifting journey.

Come train with us, and let’s be Stronger Together!


4-6 days a week

More About The Program

Cycles will have:

  • A General Preparation block running 3-4 weeks. The focus of this block will be to improve your work capacity and your ability to recover from the hard work coming down the pike.
  • 1 or 2 Specific Preparation blocks lasting between 3-5 weeks. During these blocks, we will focus on strengthening and one technical issue.
  • A Competition block lasting between 2-4 weeks, culminating in PRs.

Pricing: $25/month