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This team is for intermediate and advanced Weightlifters who are interested in competing at the Regional and National levels.

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Rookies and Contenders

Rookies and Contenders

Let's get stronger together.

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Waxman's Weightlifting Regional Team

Waxman's Weightlifting Regional Team

The Waxman's Regional Team is for intermediate-level Weightlifters who want to become more consistent and confident on the platform.

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Once you join Waxman’s team you’ll see your strength numbers improve dramatically. You’ll also be able to see your teammates’ progress within your team’s message thread and leaderboard.

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Strength isn’t one-size-fits-all. Your coaches will monitor your progress daily, making adjustments to ensure you continue to crush your goals.

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Within a few months of consistent training and accountability you will be balanced, strong, and fit. Now it’s time to see just how far you can take it. Are you up for the challenge?


Who trains with Waxman's Gym?

Weightlifters who want to compete at the Regional, National or International level.

Middle/High School and College athletes looking to improve their speed, strength, and power.

Competitive Crossfitters who want to improve their barbell lifts.

Are you ready to become stronger, faster, and more athletic?

At Waxman's Gym we focus on real, long-term results.

Whether you’re an elite weightlifter or a weekend warrior out there crushing life, it all starts with balanced strength.

At Waxman’s gym we believe that everyone should have access to a program with proven results.

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